Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. While the majority of the population are Muslims, it's a mix of cultures and backgrounds fused together in one
city. sultanahmet It has a mix of Jewish, Greek and Armenian populations. It is a city where one can truly experience Middle Eastern and Western cultures all at once. From fashionable boutiqes of Nisantasi to the merchants of the Covered Bazaar, this busy city is home to many people from very diverse backgrounds, with the commonality of it's rich history. Turkey's geography makes it a wonderful blend of peoples and places. Magnificent scenery along the Bosphorus has drawn people from the ancient world to the contemporary. Istanbul, comprising both the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus is a stunning amalgam of sights and sounds. Thousands of years of history is combined with a vibrant, modern and exciting city unlike any other in the world. To fully experience Istanbul takes a lifetime, as there are so many corners, nooks and crannies that demand to be experienced. To visit only the mosques and Bazaar is to miss the essence of Istanbul. While an acient country and culture, the Turkish Republic is remarkable youthful, having been declared by Attaturk in 1922. Attaturk's drive for secular, modern country continues today in Turkey's aspiration to join the EU.